In Which Morgan Tsvangirai Chooses "Rock" Over "Hard Place" (Or Maybe the Other Way Around)

I often think wistfully of calling up the The Onion and asking to borrow the services of their headline writer.

I hate coming up with titles for stuff; the hardest thing about writing this blog for me is the fact that “untitled” is not an acceptable name for a post. And honestly, those Onion guys are just awesome at it.

Like the day following the 2008 U.S. presidential election, when they reported “Black Man Given Nation’s Worst Job.” That was hilarious. Which is why I seriously considered cribbing it for this post announcing that Morgan Tsvangirai has been sworn in as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. (You knew I’d get to the point eventually…)

Because really, is there a worse job in the entire world than junior partner / window dressing to Robert Mugabe’s ongoing campaign to drive Zimbabwe’s average life expectancy into the single digits?

To those who worry that Tsvangirai has essentially sold out and will now be co-opted into the evil empire like so many ghosts-of-Mugabe-rivals-past, the new Prime Minister had this to say:

“The skeptics must understand why we have done this and what is the best course of action to address the questions and challenges of transition in this political environment. We have made this decision and we made it without being forced. We want our colleagues in the country and outside the country to approach it from that perspective. It is our decision. Let history be the judge of this decision.”

Good luck dude. Pretty sure you’re going to need it.

Kate Cronin-Furman

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